Beginning of 2005, three companies from Rijeka, leaders in wholesale beverages industry, Tpk, Ivad and Arcus, joined together to establish TIA Partner Ltd. 

Main business idea behind this joint venture was the retention and strengthening of current market position, reduction of existing running costs and establishment of future prospects.

The new business was started on the plot of 14,000 square meters in Kukuljanovo Industrial Zone near Rijeka where modern warehouse and new offices were constructed, all according to European standards. The new company also invested in entirely new fleet of vehicle, ranging from vans to trailers.

In March of 2006, Zagrebačka pivovara and TIA Partner signed Partnership Agreement aiming to improve business conditions, increase quality and to further develop distribution network.

This Agreement gave Zagrebačka pivovara ownership interest and continuation of successful long-term co-operation with leading wholesalers in Rijeka region, enabling greater availability of products to customers and consumers.

By signing the Agreement Zagrebačka pivovara has once again proved its primal intention to consolidate and strengthen its leading position, while constantly growing in supply chain and quality improvement of products and services and consumers satisfaction.

Moreover, investing equity into TIA Partner company Zagrebačka pivovara made stronger connections with sales and distribution channel partners and responded to the rapid changes and market demands with the aim to satisfy customers’ needs faster and more efficient.

With this strategic partnership, as a business expansion model, Zagrebačka pivovara continues a trend of leading innovator in the Croatian market. Investment allows for faster implementation of modern sales processes and better connection with retailers and consumers.

Beginning of 2008, Zagrebačka pivovara become 100% owner of TIA Partner company.

Today, Tia Partner is supplying over 1,400 customers throughout the whole Kvarner Region, including the islands of Krk, Cres and Losinj, with our beverage and part of our culinary program. Our customers profile ranges from small independent shops to large chain stores, restaurants and hotel chains.

To all our costumers we provide distinct quality of service with guaranteed professionalism, reliability and flexibility.

Our extensive experience, hard work combined with all above mentioned enables us to achieve leading role in the distribution of drinks and culinary programs in the region and beyond.

Documentation needed to establish cooperation with TIA partner.
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